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2100 W. Alexis Rd.


Now that you see the truth, who can you talk to? No doubt you have obviously found that everyone's first reaction is to laugh at you, and the harder you try to convince someone, despite the evidence you present, they will even shun you.

We all think that people would want to know the facts, but unfortunately we realize that most won't even look into the matter, so we unfortunately find ourselves isolated and outcast from popular opinion... welcome to Cognitive Dissonance.

Folks will even flag this post to delete it because of their pre-programmed polarization to this topic without even checking into all the evidence that just one little video presents...

But, fellow flat earther, the good news is that you are not alone!

Others like yourself, have discovered the truth of where we live and gather to fellowship and encourage ourselves.

Recognizing the existence of plane, can only lead one to the acknowledgement of a creator, and if you are like us, you know Him to be Jesus Christ, our soon and coming savior!

If you are looking for fellowship, feel free to contact me.

God bless you,

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